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Your Captain and wife team, Max and Bea
Wine& Water offers a capacity of 6 passengers in 3 suites.
Yes, there are 6 mountain bikes for miles and miles of good cycling paths
Our main cruise route is on the Burgundy canal near Dijon.
100 percent all-inclusive just extra gratuities.
In addition to meals, all beverages including wined and spirits, as well as shore excursions are included without additional charge.
Gratuities of 8 – 10% are paid in cash (either dollars or euros), inserted into an envelope and presented to the captain on the night of the farewell dinner. The ship does not accept credit cards.
Prepared by a masterful chef, each dish is presented to highlight
regional ingredients etc. Each meal includes wine tastings and cheese tastings.
Yes,  sometimes when in the heart of the Valley, slow connection.
Ideal for couples choosing to travel with friends, or even whole family groups. After all, it only takes three couples to fill Wine&Water. Sharing a voyage with people you enjoy traveling with, guarantees the conviviality of familiar friends and the company of companions with whom you share similar tastes and interests.
No waves, no tide and no motion sickness
Yes there are hospitals and the maximum distance is a 40 minutes drive.
Clothes for a barge aventure:-
leave the fancy clothes at home!
This is not a CRUISE cruise where you dress every evening for dinner.
Sports jackets, polos, shirts, T-shirt, jeans or a skirt, and sneakers are
just about as fancy as it gets on board.
If big suitcases do not worry, unpack the essentiels, we have a room to store them.
Do you pick us up in Dijon or Beaune, and what time is the pick-up on Sunday?

Captain Max will be at the DIJON train station for 16:30hrs, please note from Paris to DIJON there is an express train, it arrives in Dijon at 16:30hrs, a comfortable 1hour 35 minutes train journey.

Also, when and where to you drop us off?

On the Saturday morning Captain Max will drive you back to DIJON for 10:00hrs, no problem if needed earlier!

I will need to arrange train tickets from Paris and stay in the pick-up city for a few days prior.

You can either

Stay a couple days in DIJON, if you decide to stay in DIJON then we will slightly change our propgram for us to take you on another visit and not return to Dijon, Dijon is a small beautiful City, you will have no trouble filling in a couple of days with the “what to do when in Dijon program”.


stay a few days in Paris before and then take the train Sunday for arrival in DIJON at 16:30hrs, please note many of our clients do this!

Please try and make your way to the DIJON train station for 16:30hrs, that is where we normally  pick up our passengers, from there either it will be a 15 minutes drive to the boat or a 45 minutes drive to the boat.
This depends on the alternate direction of the cruise. Either way we will drive you back to the Dijon train station. This is a 15 minute or a 45 minute drive back, it all depends where the boat will be moored up!
Before 10:00hrs, and earlier if you have special travel plans, you just need to let us know.
It is only a 1h45 minute journey on the high-speed train from Dijon to Paris.
During your stay in Burgundy we will visit the city of DIJON, the fresh morning market, mustard and cheese tasting, the medieval streets and much more.

We look forward to seeing you soon in Burgundy.